Quiz: What’s Your Cooking Skill Level?



1. According to USDA guidelines, what is the minimum safe cooking temperature for poultry?

Answer: C. 165 degrees F

The USDA recommends all poultry to be cooked to a minimum internal temperature of 165 degrees F.


2. Which ingredient can be added to help smooth out the acidity sometimes found in homemade, tomato-based sauces?

Answer: D. All of the Above

Vanilla, chocolate and baking soda can all help to smooth out the acidity that is sometimes found in tomato-based sauces.

Vanilla and chocolate extracts not only smooth out the acidity, but they can also help mellow or mask bitterness that may naturally occur when using certain types of tomatoes. These extracts are often referred to as the secret ingredient in tomato sauces, BBQ sauces and chili recipes.

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3. What does it mean when a recipe says to temper the eggs?

Answer: B. Slowly add hot liquid to an egg mixture to prevent over cooking

Temper/tempering is a cooking technique in which you gradually mix a cold or room-temperature ingredient with a hot liquid. This is a common technique used when making ice cream, curds or puddings.


4. What kitchen utensil would you use to concasse an ingredient?

Answer: Knife

Concasse means to finely chop or dice ingredients, usually tomatoes.


5. Which ingredient is essential to the brining process?

Answer: D. Salt

Brine/brining is the process in which you soak a cut of meat or fish in water and salt to make it more tender and flavorful.


6. If a recipe calls for 1½ cups of softened butter, how many sticks of Eastern-pack shape butter (usually sold four to a box) should you use?

Answer: 3 Sticks 

It takes three sticks of Eastern-pack shape butter to equal 1½ cups.


7. Where would you hear someone reference mise en place?

Answer: B. At a Restaurant 

Mise en place is a French culinary phrase meaning to “set up” or “put in place.” This is a common phrase used among chefs in restaurants and refers to having all ingredients organized before cooking begins.


8. Which fresh ingredient would you most likely chiffonade?

Answer: Basil

Chiffonade is a slicing technique used on leafy greens, such as basil or spinach. It means to cut into long, thin strips.


9. Which ingredient is added to water to make a traditional simple syrup?

Answer: C. Sugar

A traditional simple syrup is made using equal parts sugar and water and is heated until all sugar has been dissolved. Simple syrup is a staple ingredient among cocktail connoisseurs.


10. When using the oven’s broiler, from where does the heat radiate?

Answer: B. Above

When the oven is set to broil, the heat radiates from above (think of it as an upside-down grill). Broiling is typically used when a recipe calls for an ingredient or dish to char or brown.