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For over a century, Nielsen-Massey has been producing the world’s finest vanillas. From the classic Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract to customized blends for the confection, dairy, baking, as well as other industries, their quality, service and value are unsurpassed.

All products are made using Nielsen-Massey’s exclusive cold extraction process, a solution of water and alcohol that extracts the delicate flavor components from the vanilla beans until the desired strength is reached. This painstaking process may take up to five weeks. The liquid extract is then bottled or blended with other varieties. Single-fold vanilla must, by law, have the extractive matter of 13.35 ounces of vanilla beans to a gallon of liquid. Two-fold vanilla contains the extractives of 26.7 ounces of beans per gallon, three-fold 40.5 ounces and four-fold 53.4 ounces. It is possible to produce greater folds of vanilla, but only through processes that require heat and pressure, which can alter the delicate and distinctive flavor components from the vanilla beans.

Also produced with the strictest quality standards and attention to detail, Nielsen-Massey offers an array of pure flavor products made with botanical extractives in an alcohol base. Both vanilla and flavor products are sought out for their quality, exceptional flavor and versatile functionality.

Custom Blending

Relying on Nielsen-Massey’s years of vanilla experience combined with knowledgeable in-house blending specialists, companies worldwide are able to utilize this expertise and create custom vanilla products that meet their specific needs. Nielsen-Massey is not only committed to providing the best customer service available in the industry, but also creating the best product solution for their customers.

Our services include:

  • Blending of vanillas from different regions
  • Fractional folds
  • Fold-strengths greater than 4x
  • In-plant assistance
  • Pilot-plant testing

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Introducing Pure Lemon Paste, a Time-Saving, Premium Flavor Product

Made with Nielsen-Massey’s Pure Lemon Extract, Pure Lemon Paste contains the natural essence of the highest quality California lemons and provides a convenient way to add a layer of sweet, bright, citrus flavor to many summer and fall recipes, without the need to juice or zest.

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"Nielsen-Massey offers, without a doubt, the best vanilla and flavor extracts available to the industry. Excellent customer care is hard to find these days, and everyone at Nielsen-Massey makes customers feel appreciated and welcome.”

Nicholas Lodge Pastry Chef & Cake Artist, International Sugar Art Collection