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Our century-long promise has and always will be to provide you with the world’s most alluring and complex flavors, from our iconic pure vanilla products to our distinguished line of pure flavors.

“I have been using Nielsen-Massey products for years because I know they are the best."

Lisa Mansour

Award-Winning Expert in Cake Decorating & Co-Founder of NY Cake & Baking Supply

"I like using the Vanilla Bean Paste, as it is the closest to using fresh vanilla pods with all the glorious little seeds.”

Eric Lanlard

UK Chef, TV Host, Master PâtissierandCookbook Author

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Unparalleled Excellence, Batch After Batch, Time After Time

Pure Vanilla Extract

Madagascar Bourbon

Sweet, creamy and mellow with velvety after-tones; perfect for cooking and baking both sweet and savory dishes

Pure Vanilla Extract


Floral, fruit and cherry-like flavor that is a favorite of pastry chefs around the world

Pure Vanilla Extract

Organic Fairtrade Madagascar Bourbon

Fairtrade certified extract using only the highest quality organic ingredients

Pure Flavors

Orange Blossom Water

Known as the Essential Oil of Neroli, this water offers a refreshing sent of the orange grove; a delicious addition to various sweets

Pure Flavors

Rose Water

An elegant steam distillate of the purest rose petals, its sweet and fragrant, delicate floral notes are perfect in Middle Eastern, Indian and Greek cuisine

Pure Flavors

Chocolate Extract

Crafted from the finest cocoa beans; embodies the depth and flavor of dark chocolate

Simply Delicious

Slow Cooker Ham with Orange Honey Sauce

Need to prepare another protein dish for your next family or friend gathering but you don’t have room in the oven? We have a solution. Watch this quick video to learn how to make an easy ham roast in the slow cooker. This recipe features Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract and Pure Orange Extract – a flavor combination your guests will be sure to love.

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Where is Vanilla Grown?

Vanilla is the most popular and widely used flavor in the world. And, yet, it’s only grown in a few countries and regions.

Explore Vanilla Flavor Profiles

How do you know which vanilla is right for your culinary needs? We provide details that cover advantages, uses and best pairings for each of our vanilla products.

How It All Began

While Nielsen-Massey Vanillas has been producing vanilla products for over a century, vanilla itself has an even longer history that spans nearly 1,000 years.

Endless Applications

Check out our uses and pairings guide to see how to best use our Pure Flavor Extracts.

What Chefs Have to Say

About our products

“It’s no secret, both for cooking and baking, always use the best ingredients. What’s the point of investing time to create something and use average ingredients? Vanilla Extract and Vanilla Bean Paste are my favorites, as well as the Lemon Extract. I like using the Vanilla Bean Paste, as it is the closest to using fresh vanilla pods with all the glorious little seeds, and the consistency doesn’t interfere with the recipes.”

Eric Lanlard UK Chef, TV Host, Master Pâtissier and Cookbook Author