Ebow Dadzie

Ebow Dadzie, Co–Owner of Folukie & Assistant Pastry Chef at the Marriott Marquis

Featured Chef in the 2012 Vanilla Vine, Issue #1

In 2006 he built the world’s tallest sugar sky scraper at a Food Network competition. In 2007 he was named Pastry Chef of the Year. He was most recently awarded the Most Influential Pastry Chef by the Black Culinary Association. He is… the most interesting pastry chef in the world. Well we think so anyway, and most would agree that he is certainly one of the most talented!

Originally from the Caribbean, and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Chef Ebow Dadzie attributes his passion for the culinary arts to being brought up in his grandmother’s kitchen and describes his affinity for all things culinary as second nature. Dadzie fine–tuned his skills at New York City College of Technology, from which he graduated in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in hospitality and management, with a minor in pastry and confectionary arts. Today he works as the Assistant Pastry Chef at the Marriott Marquis in New York City.

When we asked him some of the challenges that he has faced during his career, he said, “One of the biggest challenges that I had to face, was getting people to trust and support me in my field. Being an unknown, not everyone is willing to jump at the first opportunity that arises.” Having come a long way from his early days in the industry, Chef Ebow has become a highly distinguished pastry chef. We’re betting most people would give him a chance today, and his beautiful, delicious pastries do all of the convincing. Chef Ebow explained that some of his inspiration for his pastries comes from the ingredients that he uses. Dadzie said, “I try to incorporate ingredients that are not common, but work well together.”

He also loves Nielsen–Massey Fine Vanillas and Flavors, particularly the Tahitian Vanilla Beans, which he admits to being “an addict” for. He first discovered Nielsen–Massey Vanillas in 2008, and said that Beth Nielsen “schooled him” on Nielsen–Massey products, and that he loves to use them, especially in competitions. When Chef Ebow isn’t busy baking, winning awards or decorating cakes for Everlasting Impressions, the special occasions catering business that he owns, he steps away from sweet and cooks up something savory.

Dadzie is co-owner of Folukie, a Brooklyn family–owned restaurant that serves fusion food–dishes that incorporate Trinidadian, Caribbean, West African and soul food. So how did he make the transition from the sweeter side of things to this type of fare? He said, “Well, I learned how to cook before I could bake. Cooking for me is pretty easy because of the many different cultures I grew up around. I surprise a lot of people when throwing it down on a hot line.” And if Chef Ebow wasn’t busy enough, he also embraces his passion for music. He’s a dancer and also DJ’s on the side as a hobby. Music, he said, is his second love. The culinary field is lucky to have the guy, and we’re just glad his grandma had him in the kitchen and not at a piano bench instead.


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