Fall in Love with Our Favorite Autumn Cakes

Have you ever noticed that the urge to bake increases as the temperature drops outside? With the temperature cooling off, the promise of a warm kitchen and the tasty treat lures all of us back to baking in the fall. This year, we at Nielsen-Massey are cake crazy. From warm and comforting classics to rich and indulgent flavor combinations you’ve never tried before, it’s time to fall in love with some of our favorite autumn cakes! 

 Carrot Cake with Vanilla Bean Icing 

No one can resist a slice of this beautiful carrot cake, layered with vanilla cream cheese icing. The soft, dense layers provide a moist bite of heaven as the icing enhances the delicate spiciness in every forkful.  

An elegant fall cake is hard to resist and your friends and family will be impressed the moment you place this stunning cake in front of them. The rich vanilla will fill your home with a comforting scent as you bake, making it the ideal dessert for your upcoming holiday celebrations, from fall to winter.  

It won’t be admired for long, though. Before you know it, everyone will have gobbled it down. 

 Chocolate Angel Food Cake 

Light and fluffy angel food cake makes a tasty desert at any time of the year, but adding in the exciting twist of chocolate makes it just the cake for the autumn season. The rigors of fall, whether it’s back-to-school madness, ramping up for the holiday season or struggling to wake up after daylight savings time switches over, all call for a heavy dose of chocolate. As we all know, fall is the time to start indulging in something decadent. 

The tender, chocolate goodness of this recipe will make the close of any autumn meal unforgettable (or a delicious leftover midnight snack). Grab a glass of milk and warm up with a slice tonight!  


Baked Alaska Trifle 

Though many of us have eaten Baked Alaska in a restaurant, most have probably not been brave enough to try making it at home. Such an elegant dessert can be intimidating, but this easy-to-follow recipe is simple to replicate in your very own kitchen.  

The combination of dense chocolate cake and heavenly meringue will have you exclaiming with joy after the first mouthful.  

French Apple Almond Butter Cake with Vanilla Caramel Sauce 

Autumn is all about apples, whether you pick your own straight from the orchard or are stocking up on them at your local market. Now it’s time to bring that taste of fall to your dining room table with this recipe 

This cake is an all-time favorite for fall with it’s classic combination of apples, cinnamon and Nielsen-Massey Pure Almond Extract. The finishing touch of warm caramel sauce drizzled over the top is like indulging in a caramel apple, but in cake form.  

 Spiced Vanilla Rum Cake (gluten-free) 

Forget the spiced rum punch for your fall gathering and watch guests smile as they devour this spiced rum cake topped with a Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract Glaze. The cake will remind everyone of that classic punch, but in an inventive new way. Not to mention all of your gluten-free friends will happily praise you for a fall indulgence they can partake in.  

 Flourless Mocha Cake with Crème Anglaise  

Everyone is reaching for a mug of coffee this time of year to warm up and get through a long work week. Instead of serving traditional coffee and cake after dinner this fall, bring out the richness of coffee with this delightfully dense mocha cake.  

The combination of coffee and chocolate will warm your guests up on a crisp fall evening and they will be shocked that this indulgence didn’t come straight out of a professional bakery. Make this flavorful recipe for family or friends as you usher in the autumn season in style.  

 Sweet Potato Bundt Cake 

When the seasons change and the weather gets colder many people feel drawn to stay at home with family and friends. As we edge closer to the famed sweet potato holiday (aka Thanksgiving), draw people around the table with an exciting dessert twist on one of our favorites spuds.  

Cinnamon, pecan and Pure Vanilla Extract enhance the subtle sweet potato flavor in the cake and the delightful cream cheese swirls adds just the right amount of tang to make it a new fall favorite. 

 Pumpkin Cheesecake (Gluten-Free) 

Forget that boring old cheesecake with cherry topping–it’s time to turn your cheesecake into a fall winner with the addition of pumpkin. The decadent ginger-snap crust provides a spicy bite while the smooth and creamy pumpkin cheesecake infused with Nielsen-Massey Organic Fairtrade Madagascar Bourbon Vanila Extract will top the charts for both taste and eye-appeal.  

The orange color is just the “icing on the cake,” making this recipe a new fall favorite that no one will be able to resist asking for a second slice of. The smell of the spices and pumpkin will linger in your kitchen as an extra reminder that we are indeed in the heart of fall.  


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