John Britton

John Britton – Mixologist

Featured Chef in the 2010 Vanilla Vine, Issue #2

Every trendy magazine seems to be introducing a new term to its pages, mixology. What does it mean? Mixologist John Britton introduces us to the term as we discuss some of his favorite things—delicious drinks and Nielsen-Massey Vanillas.

John, being the down to earth man that he is, refers to himself as a bartender, “There’s no point in glorifying what I do.” John goes on to explain his classicalist approach; “My definition of mixology is putting together sophisticated and elegant drinks with ingredients provided from classic cocktails.”
When he describes his work, it seems the term mixologist fits the profile perfectly. John states that the best drinks are the ones that are simple and elegant. He would rather improve an old recipe than create an entirely different one just for the sake of creating something new.

Improving recipes is exactly what John did when he was introduced to Nielsen-Massey Vanillas. John and the bar he worked for were introduced to Nielsen-Massey’s product about a year ago and have been using their product ever since. “It was far superior to anything else we carried, we are really ecstatic about their Orange Blossom Water,” said John.”

In fact, he enjoyed Nielsen-Massey’s Orange Blossom Water so much he uses it in one of his all time favorite drinks he named, “Magnolia.” He claims, “All the extracts are beautiful and really well done. They aren’t over done at all and they taste and smell very natural, from the peppermint to the chocolate, which we have used in a number of drinks behind the bar.”

Although John’s favorite Nielsen-Massey product is still their vanilla, he expressed how impressed he was that they were able to transition over to the extracts and produced a product that was equally up to par with their specialty. “People usually can’t pull that off,” he says. John Britton definitely impressed us with his passion for Nielsen-Massey products.

According to John, if he were to describe Nielsen-Massey Vanillas and Extracts in one word, it would be “lovely.”


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