Kelly Rudnicki

Kelly Rudnicki – The Food Allergy Mama

Featured Chef in the 2010 Vanilla Vine, Issue #3

Allergy-free foods are one of this year’s most popular trends. Now more than ever, gluten-free, dairy-free, peanut-free and other allergy-free foods are appearing on our supermarket shelves. How do we make these allergy-friendly foods taste just as delicious as their original counterpart? The Food Allergy Mama (Kelly) has the answers.

When this mother of four discovered her second child John, had severe food allergies, she wasn’t going to sit on the sidelines and let him miss out on all the tasty treats this world has to offer. She was going to do something about it! She states in her blog, “It has become my life’s purpose to raise awareness and increase funding for food allergy research.” A self proclaimed “sweet treat snob,” The Food Allergy Mama claims to “only eat treats that are delicious and decadent.”
Determined to learn all of Kelly’s baking secrets, we had to know, how did she become The Food Allergy Mama? “It has taken several years of baking allergen-free to really get the knack of what works and what doesn’t.” She goes on to say, “My biggest challenge in all my baking is creating a finished product that tastes as close to the real deal as possible.”

What helps The Food Allergy Mama create the “real deal?” Nielsen-Massey Vanilla of course! Kelly says she’s been using Nielsen-Massey Vanillas for as long as she can remember. She says “I love the extract and use it exclusively in all my allergen-free baking. There is no substitute and the quality in flavor is unmatched. I always tell my readers it is so important to use the highest quality vanilla, because it truly makes a difference in baked goods.”

What originally began with a blog has now developed into a successful baking book along with an incredible fan following. When discussing her success, Kelly says it has been a wonderful surprise! “I’m so grateful for my readers and have truly enjoyed getting to know them. I love hearing their heartfelt stories about how my recipes have changed their families’ lives.”

How does Kelly develop these countless tasty creations? She explains, “I am always inspired by my mother’s old cookbooks,” she says. “But I also love to see new recipes in a book or magazine and wonder, ‘how can I make that allergen-free and delicious?'”
She does have a favorite baking tip to share. “Besides using the highest quality vanilla like Nielsen-Massey, my other favorite tip is to have fun in the kitchen and embrace your mistakes and failures. They will ultimately lead to delicious success!”

With so many vanilla options available, we wondered what made this “sweet treat snob” choose Nielsen-Massey Vanillas. “The vanilla has such a depth and richness in flavor I’ve tried every vanilla on the market and they smell and taste cheap. I won’t even bake if I run out of Nielsen-Massey Vanilla. I’ll just wait until I can replenish my stock!”

When asked to describe Nielsen- Massey Vanillas in one word, The Food Allergy Mama replied, “Perfection.”


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