Scott Green

Chef Scott Green – Executive Pastry Chef of The Langham Chicago & Bronze Medal Winner with the U.S. Team at the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie

Featured Chef in the 2016 Vanilla Vine, Issue #1

Chef Scott Green, 2015 Bronze Medal Winner with the U.S. Team at the Coupe du
Monde de la Pâtisserie, has an impressive resumé as well as an infectious attitude about his profession. Currently, he is keeping busy as the Executive Pastry Chef at The Langham, Chicago and Travelle, a seasonal American restaurant located on the second floor of The Langham hotel.

It all started for Chef Green as a student at the School of Art Institute in Chicago studying fine arts. It wasn’t long before he realized his passion was actually in the world of pastry. He then enrolled in the pastry program at the French Pastry School and has been working with pastries, sugars and chocolates ever since.

Chef Green’s training in art has suited him well in his career. He eventually went back to school to complete his Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design. “It wasn’t until I was deep into my career in the kitchen that I decided to further pursue and finish a degree in graphic design…I see so many similarities between design and pastry. They both require emotional, visual creativity and a meticulous, calculated ingenuity.”

As stunning as Chef Green’s pastries are, his work is just as flavorful as they are beautiful. When asked what inspires his work, he said, “That’s the million dollar question! When I’m creating a new pastry, usually the starting point is a flavor or a technique. Or, a certain look I want to achieve. And then I build the product around that point. I’m always looking through the lens of a pastry chef when I’m out in the world.”

There have been many memorable experiences and outstanding friends, teachers and colleagues that have impacted his career. From being a student at the French Pastry School and learning from amazing teachers to his experiences at the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie while competing among friends, Chef Green takes great value in his relationships. He explains, “It’s the bits and pieces I have learned and taken from many people that have shaped my career. That still happens to this day, and it’s a big part of why personal relationships are so important in this industry.”

Chef Green started using Nielsen-Massey products while teaching at Chicago’s French Pastry School. “I’ve loved the product since first using it and it means a lot to me that the company is right in my neck of the woods. They have been really supportive of me over the years and having that kind of relationship is a special thing in any industry. My favorite product is the Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste. I use it all the time in my recipes at The Langham.”

For Vanilla Vine readers, Chef Green offers a little bit of advice when working with flavor extracts. “For flavors, in general, add it to the fat in the recipe as soon as possible. Fat creates strong bonds to flavor, but it can take a while to happen. I always add my flavorings as soon as possible to give them time to infuse into the fat in the recipe.” Great advice from a very talented pastry chef.


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