Quiz: What’s Your Cooking Skill Level?

Do you consider yourself the Jordan of julienning? The Mozart of marinading? The Gates of grilling?

Test your cooking skills with this quiz to see if you’re cut out for culinary school or if you’re more likely to have your Pinterest cooking fail go viral. How many questions will you get right? 

  1. According to USDA guidelines, what is the minimum safe cooking temperature for poultry?

  2. Which ingredient can be added to help smooth out the acidity sometimes found in homemade, tomato-based sauces?

  3. What does it mean when a recipe says to temper the eggs?

  4. What kitchen utensil would you use to concasse an ingredient?

  5. Which ingredient is essential to the brining process?

  6. If a recipe calls for 1 ½ cups of softened butter, how many sticks of Eastern-pack shape butter (usually sold four to a box) should you use?

  7. Where would you hear someone reference mise en place?

  8. Which fresh ingredient would you most likely chiffonade?

  9. Which ingredient is added to water to make a traditional simple syrup?

  10. When using the oven's broiler, from where does the heat radiate?