Halloween Treats So Good You’ll Scream

Spooky season is here. If you’re planning a haunted bash at home, bringing a dish to a school event or just feel like making some treats with your kids, look no further. Our Halloween recipe round-up features ghoulishly delicious sweets and drinks that will leave everyone dying for more.

#1. Ghostly Coffee Meringues 

Your guests will be reaching for seconds of these airy meringues made with our Pure Coffee Extract. Before popping these into the oven, add mini chocolate chips for eyes, transforming regular meringues into cute boo-tastic ghosts. To make this recipe friendlier for younger ghouls, use Pure Vanilla Extract instead.

#2. Orange You Afraid? Chocolate Shooters

Looking for treats to satisfy a grown-up sweet tooth?  These frighteningly delicious shooters are sure to satisfy with our trio of flavors that any Nielsen-Massey devotee is sure to have on hand: Pure Chocolate Extract, Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract and Pure Orange Extract. Dip the rim in melted chocolate and add your favorite sprinkles for a festive pop of color. Try them if you dare.


#3. Spooktacular Almond Sugar Cookies

No haunted Halloween party is complete without these spooktacular almond sugar cookies. Our Pure Almond Extract adds a warm, nutty taste to the dough, and the recipe makes a great base for your favorite scary cookie shapes. Ghosts and pumpkins and bats, oh my!

Spooktacular Almond Cookies

#4. Mini Chocolate Chip Bundt Cakes

This recipe features the bright mint flavor of our Organic Pure Peppermint Extract together with the creamy flavor of Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract. We’ve doubled the chocolatey goodness of this dessert with both milk chocolate and bittersweet chocolate chips. For a Halloween twist, swap the bittersweet chocolate for white chocolate in the glaze, and add a few drops of natural orange food coloring to turn these mini bundt cakes into pumpkins! You can also swap out the peppermint extract for our Pure Orange Extract which pairs deliciously with the chocolate glaze.

#5. Batty Chocolate Truffles

These frightfully rich chocolate truffles take just 30 minutes to make and boast a semi-sweet flavor, thanks to the addition of bittersweet chocolate and cocoa powder. Our No Sugar Added Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract adds a touch of sweetness through the vanilla flavor. Turn these morsels into bite-sized bats by breaking cream-filled chocolate cookies in half and using them as wings. Feel free to add mini marshmallows or other small candies to create the eyes. Guests will go batty for these treats!


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