Cheer on Your Team with our Game Day Favorites

The big game is upon us! If you are anything like us, you are getting ready to either host or attend a football watch party. Whether you’re serving up cocktails or drool-worthy snacks, there should be an epic spread during the entire party.  

That’s not asking too much, now is it? 

For whatever festivities you have planned, we’ve rounded up our favorite recipes that’ll really wow the crowd while making sure you don’t miss a play.  From unique flavors to classic American recipes, you’ll find a little something for everybody’s taste buds here.  


While a bunch of beers might be nice for any typical game day, the BIG game means it’s time to bust out some truly unique cocktails. 

Madagascar Mule

Who can say no to a spicy ginger mule? No one can, especially with the addition of smooth Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract. One simple twist and the classic cocktail takes a serious step up in flavor.  

Snowbird Whiskey Sour

Our version of a whiskey sour has a delicious, citrus-y brightness with the addition of Pure Orange Extract. It’s an ideal option for guests with a whiskey or bourbon obsession  

Orange Bourbon Beer Cocktail

Step up your traditional beer game with a tasty beer cocktail. The addition of bourbon and Orange Blossom Water to beer makes the perfect pairing for the richer foods you’ll be eating as you watch the game.  


For us, game day is synonymous with feasting on delicious, yet bite-sized dishes. Whether you are hosting the party or looking for something to bring with you, we have a recipe to satisfy any craving. 

Coconut Pork Kebabs

Give your pork a tropical flair with a touch of coconut. These flavorful kebabs are infused with Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract and Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Powder, giving the pork a tender richness that is simply irresistible.  

5-Ingredient Sweet and Spicy Grilled Chicken Skewers

Once you taste these sweet and spicy grilled chicken skewers, you won’t believe how simple they were to make! The addition of Pure Lemon Extract and Pure Orange Extract bring an extra boost of flavor, keeping the chicken juicy through every morsel.  

Apricot Mango BBQ Ribs

What would game day be without some BBQ ribs? The sweet mango, tangy apricot and Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract create a truly memorable slabs of ribs that are “finger-licking good” to the very last bite.  

Braised Brisket Beef Tacos  

Tender braised brisket is enhanced with the surprising combination of our Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract and pure flavor extracts. You won’t believe how rich, flavorful and bright this brisket turns out to be. It’s ideal for tacos, or even for topping nachos! 

Vanilla Caramel Corn Crunch  

When the main feasting is over, make sure you have a salty sweet snack nearby to dig into as the game enters the fourth quarter. The smooth and subtle vanilla flavor comes from our Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste. It’s the snack everyone will be reaching for. 

Beer Caramel and Pretzel Chocolate Bark

Don’t forget the sweets! Beer, caramel and pretzels come together in this chocolate bark, complemented by smooth and subtle Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste for an additional burst of flavor. Pair it with beer during the fourth quarter for a sweet win, even if your favorite team loses.


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