4 Food Trends to Watch in 2018

From food crazes and fad diets to new products and famous chefs offering fresh ideas, there are so many exciting food trends to try. To help you cut through the noise, we’re sharing four food trends in 2018 that are getting us excited.

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Trend #1 – Floral Cocktails Break the Mold

Edible petals have been all the rage for garnish in the past years, but bringing floral elements into cocktails is a new trend. Take inspiration from the changing seasons to pull these floral flavors into playful cocktails, tickling your taste buds throughout the year.  


Rose Sangria
Rose Sangria

Trend #2 – Go Beyond the Coffeehouse

Coffee is so much more than what you put into your mug first thing in the morning. The typical cup of morning joe is being reinvented by using coffee as an ingredient, not just a beverage.  


Coffee Crusted Burger with Chipotle Mayo
Coffee Crusted Burger with Chipotle Mayo

Trend #3 – Explore the World of International Flavors

The world of international flavors is more and more approachable to the home cook. Spice up your week-night dinner by pulling inspiration from the exotic flavors of Middle Eastern food, the bold, spicy and citrusy notes of East African cuisine or the variety of curries from India to Southeast Asia.


Tikka Masala Style Chicken

Trend #4 – Everything’s Better with Brown Butter

You can’t go wrong with brown butter, no matter what recipe you use it in. The comforting flavor and silky texture will enhance desserts and even entrees!  


Butternut Squash Ravioli with Browned Butter Vanilla Bean Sauce


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