Ring in the New Year with Boozy Cheer

Baby it’s cold outside, and it’s time to ring in a new year! If you’re hosting the festivities for the evening, you have to be prepared. To really impress your guests and make your evening stand out, be sure you have a fully stocked bar and choose from our creative cocktails, below, to shake things up on New Year’s Eve. From warm and comforting drinks to bubbly and festive sippers, you can find a cocktail for every taste bud in our round-up.

Stocking Your Bar

First, you need to stock your bar. Our number one tip is to make sure you have all the base liquors you need. Start with a bottle each of vodka, gin, tequila, dark or spiced rum, light rum, rye whiskey and bourbon.

After you have your liquor basics, move onto mixers. Add juices, bitters, grenadine, simple syrup, club soda and tonic. Look through all the specialty cocktail recipes you’d like to serve, to make sure you have all the correct ingredients on hand.

Finally, don’t forget Nielsen-Massey Vanillas and Pure Flavors, to bring your boozy concoctions to a whole new level. Two staples are Pure Coffee and Pure Orange Extracts. Plus, you won’t believe what a dash of Pure Chocolate Extract will do to a White Russian!


Cocktail Round-Up

Almond Irish Coffee

There’s nothing like a classic and simple coffee cocktail to warm you up from the inside out. This easy cocktail only has five ingredients and the addition of Pure Almond Extract gives it a subtle, nutty flavor to complement the whiskey and coffee.

Blizzard with White Out Conditions

Make the night festive with a strong and slightly sweet, minty cocktail. This clear cocktail features Pure Peppermint Extract to put a little holiday cheer in every single sip. Garnish it with a small candy cane to add to the holiday mood.

Brut-ally Smooth Champagne Cocktail

What would New Year’s Eve be without a little bubbly? Instead of simply pouring champagne and calling it a night, give your guests something to talk about with this easy-to-make concoction. A simple sugar cube and a little Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract is a great twist to amp up the flavor of your favorite Brut champagne. The hint of sweetness and the subtle richness of the vanilla is just the touch of class your party needs.

Hot Mulled Wine

Cozy up to a glass of hot mulled wine! Whether you are hosting a large party or you are simply snuggling up with your other half, you’re in for a treat with this incredible drink. The warm spiced wine mixture is infused with rich almond flavor from Pure Almond Extract, bringing an added element of nuttiness to every glassful.

Madagascar Mule

Everyone loves a good Moscow Mule, but once you try our version of the iconic cocktail, you’ll never want to enjoy a mule any other way. The drink has the same ingredients as a classic mule, but with an added shake of bitters and Nielsen-Massey Fairtrade Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract. The addition of the vanilla extract enhances the ginger flavor and adds a smoothness that is simple irresistible.

Vanilla Paloma

A bright and vibrant Paloma is just the cocktail to liven up any evening. The acidity of the grapefruit will awake all the taste buds on your palate, while Mexican Vanilla Extract brings just the right touch of spice to the party. The bubbles at the end strikes just the right festive tone for an evening of fun!

Very Vanilla Eggnog

You can’t celebrate the end of another year without a glass of eggnog. Eggnog might seem like an intimidating cocktail to create but, truthfully, the entire process is fairly simple. The key is using Tahitian Vanilla Paste or Tahitian Vanilla Extract to make this eggnog an explosion of taste. The vanilla brings out the flavor of the dark rum alongside nutmeg, making it a seasonal holiday favorite for toasting a new and exciting year ahead.


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