Why Nielsen-Massey?

Where Does Vanilla Come From?

  • Chef Showcase

    Maura Metheny

    Maura Metheny is the Chef Chocolatier/Head of Design and Innovation at Norman Love Confections, a well-known chocolate shop with locations in Fort Myers and Naples, Florida.

  • Chef Showcase

    William Foltz

    Chef Foltz won Best Artistry, Best Sugar Showpiece and the Competitors’ Choice award with his teammate, Chef Arlety Estévez, at the Pastry Live 2013 Showpiece Championship.

  • Chef Showcase

    Scott Green

    Chef Scott Green, 2015 Bronze Medal Winner with the U.S. Team at the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie, has an impressive resumé as well as an infectious attitude about his profession. Currently, he is keeping busy as the Executive Pastry Chef at The Langham, Chicago and Travelle, a seasonal American restaurant located on the … Continue reading Scott Green

  • Featured Chef in the 2015 Vanilla Vine, Issue #3

    Josh Johnson

    Chef Josh Johnson has been at the ovens most of his life and has been training with world-renowned chefs ever since. Positions at the Ritz-Carlton Chicago, Ambrosia, Everest, and owning his own shop Cocoa Bean Fine Desserts, have taught him that the sky is the limit for those with ambition and perseverance.

  • Featured Chef in the 2016 Vanilla Vine, Issue #2

    Lisa Mansour

    Lisa Mansour, an accomplished cake designer and business owner, is best known for her on-trend techniques and feminine cake designs.

  • Featured Chef in the 2015 Vanilla Vine, Issue #2

    John Kraus

    Few have experienced the thrill of competing in the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie. Chef John Kraus, esteemed pastry chef and team captain of the 2015 Bronze Medal U.S. Pastry Team, gave us some insight into what the life- changing event was like.

  • Featured Chef in the 2012 Vanilla Vine, Issue #2

    Jimmy MacMillan

    Chef Jimmy MacMillan owns JMPurePastry while also working as the Executive Pastry Chef at the exclusive University Club of Chicago overseeing all pastry and baking operations.

  • Featured Chef in the 2013 Vanilla Vine, Issue #1

    Eric Lanlard

    UK Chef, TV Host, Master Pâtissier and Cookbook Author, Eric Lanlard has baked for the likes of Elizabeth Hurley, Queen Elizabeth, Madonna and many more.

  • Featured Chef in the 2010 Vanilla Vine, Issue #3

    Kelly Rudnicki

    When Kelly Rudnicki, a mother of four discovered her second child John, had severe food allergies, she wasn’t going to sit on the sidelines and let him miss out on all the tasty treats this world has to offer. She was going to do something about it!

  • Featured Chef in the 2012 Vanilla Vine, Issue #1

    Ebow Dadzie

    In 2006 he built the world’s tallest sugar sky scraper at a Food Network competition. In 2007 he was named Pastry Chef of the Year. He was most recently awarded the Most Influential Pastry Chef by the Black Culinary Association. He is… the most interesting pastry chef in the world.

  • Featured Chef in the 2010 Vanilla Vine, Issue #2

    John Britton

    Every trendy magazine seems to be introducing a new term to its pages, mixology. What does it mean? Mixologist John Britton introduces us to the term as we discuss some of his favorite things—delicious drinks and Nielsen-Massey Vanillas.

  • Featured Chef in the 2011 Vanilla Vine, Issue #1

    Candace Nelson

    We were lucky enough to interview the one and only Candace Nelson, founder of the gourmet bakery and long-time fan of Nielsen-Massey Vanillas.


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