Five Frozen Pops for a Cool, Boozy 4th of July

What is the best way to beat the summer heat at a 4th of July celebration? Boozy, frozen pops or, as we like to call them, poptails. Celebrate pool-side with this adult spin on a summer classic.

#1. Red, White and Blueberry Sangria Pops

Strawberries and blueberries give this layered dessert its patriotic appearance. The blueberries in the base layer remain whole, adding visual appeal and texture. Watch our video to see how to make them yourself.

#2. Tequila Sunrise Freezer Pops

Freezies, those fruit-flavored frozen treats that come in plastic tubes, are childhood staples. Everyone has memories of grabbing a freezie as a cool and easy treat on hot summer days. Now, Tequila Sunrise Freezer Pops are your excuse to indulge in the nostalgia as an adult. Pure Orange Extractorange juice and a maraschino cherry create a sweet and citrusy base, and a splash of tequila tops it off, to make the best afternoon indulgence ever.

Tequila Sunrise Freezer Pops

#3. Arnold Palmer Popsicles 

Arnold Palmer Popsicles are a creative twist on the classic summer drink. Pure Lemon Extract adds refreshing flavor to the lemonade-inspired portion, while the blacktea portion balances the tartnessOr, make these pops into a John Daly by adding vodka.  

Arnold Palmer Pops

#4. Mocha Cappuccino Pops

Mocha Cappuccino Pops move away from fruity and turn toward richer flavors like coffee and Pure Chocolate Extract. To make these pops boozy, and pair with their creaminess, we recommend adding a coffee liquor. You’ll find no judgment here if you have these popsicles before noon – they have all the best parts of your morning pick-me-up. 

Mocha Cappuccino Pops

#5. Patriotic Yogurt Pops

If you don’t want your kids to feel left out of all this frozen fun, these Patriotic Yogurt Pops are the perfect way to continue the celebration with the younger generation. Fresh fruit and Greek yogurt are the key ingredients to these pops, sweetened only with honey and the creamy, rich flavor of our Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract And, to make these fun pops into an adult treat, simply add white rum to the recipe. 

Patriotic Yogurt Pops

Everyone has a favorite way to make their holidays boozy. Share your great ideas with us on social media with the hashtag #NielsenMasseyInspires.  


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